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Miss California International
beauty pageant is an annual event that provides prominent young women of the United States with a platform that helps them exemplify community leadership, educational achievements, and professional accomplishments.
The winner is awarded with 10,000+ value prize package and a title of Community Youth Ambassadors which grants her VIP access to acclaimed social and business functions throughout the year. Miss California International pageant promotes cultural awareness, community involvement, and youth engagement.
The event is organized by the Council for Cross Cultural Affairs, produced by Sergey Ivannikov Productions, promoted by RAM and other media partners, and sponsored by corporate and private businesses.
The 12 finalists get on a six weeks training program. On weekly basis the girls work with professional pageant coaches and choreographers to get ready for the show. The routine is easy and fun and all 12 participants receive prizes and publicity regardless of winning.
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The Miss California International Grand Finale is by invitations only. The audience includes 400 highly acclaimed VIP guests.
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Alisa Yurchenko
Sergey Ivannikov
Event Organizer
Council For Cross Cultural Affairs, Inc.
Event Producer
Sergey Ivannikov Productions
masters of ceremony
Seven-time Emmy Award-winner, film & television producer, writer, director, host at Comedy Central and ABC10 morning news. His most recent film won this year at the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival and his tv show EXTRA BUTTER airs in 27 countries and 168 million homes worldwide. His YouTube content has over 38 million views. He's logged over 25,000 hours of live local television and has interviewed every Oscar winner of the last 25 years. He has been Mark Zuckerberg's guest at the Facebook campus on numerous occasions to host celebrity movie screening Q&As and has done the same for California governors.
Roselyn Guevara, the star of Season 2 of the popular TV series "My American Family" on Amazon Prime. She is not only an accomplished actress but also a talented writer and film producer. Additionally, Roselyn holds the title of co-creator for the highly acclaimed TV series "Life Academy" and the hit show "OnAir Talent." Her creative energies have also been invested in the creation of the thrilling "Dragon Chef Cooking Show." As if that wasn't enough, she is actively involved in the production of multiple feature films. On top of it all, Roselyn is the host of the groundbreaking "Disrupting the Fashion World" project, developed in collaboration with the London Fashion Week team. Last but certainly not least, she proudly serves as the executive assistant to an Emmy Awards Judge. With such an impressive repertoire, Roselyn Guevara is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.
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Miss California International Grand Finale is hosted in Sacramento, at "The Center at Twenty Three Hundred", 2300 Sierra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825
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